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Changing lives through cell survival

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Based on a molecule found in nature and harnessed by a world-class research team, this anti-aging glycopeptide keeps more cells alive longer. It utilizes the same properties that help animals survive in arctic temperatures, and it has the capability to change regenerative medicine forever.

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Our vision

With AAGP®, health therapies will become more effective, more affordable and more accessible. We will get closer to cures for conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, macular degeneration, heart disease and stroke. More lives will improve, and more people will get the treatments they deserve.

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Key Milestones

  • 2002
    Initial public offering
  • 2003
    First intellectual property (IP) filing
  • 2005
    Initial application for pipeline research
  • 2010
    Good Manufacturing Practice processing and toxicology study success
  • 2014
    IP second filing and Type 1 diabetes islet transplantation study
  • 2016
    Preclinical validation in Type 1 diabetes and peer reviewed papers
  • 2016
    IP third filing and induced pluripotent stem cells study for macular degeneration
  • 2019
    Preclinical validation in macular degeneration
  • 2020
    Engage Food and Drug Administration for consultation on Investigational Drugs and Devices approval for topical products
  • 2020
    Large-scale bioproduct validation
  • 2020
    First licensing agreement for topical products
  • 2021
    Published phase one clinical results for Type 1 diabetes
  • 2021
    Orphan disease status approval
  • 2021
    Initiate phase one clinical trial for macular degeneration
  • 2022
    Initiate phase two clinical trial for Type 1 diabetes
  • 2022
    Milestone partnership agreement for biological biosimilar production
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