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The proof is in the research

Since 2005, AAGP® has gone through international laboratory testing conducted by some of the best researchers in the world. Backed by years of promising results, data-to-date have shown that AAGP® is non-toxic, stable and effective in keeping cells alive.

We are working to move regenerative medicine forward by addressing health conditions, such as macular degeneration, Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and so much more. See where we are today and where we are heading next.

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The pipeline

Proof of concept
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
industry-eye Ophthalmology
Retinal cell transplantation Preclinical
Ocular inflammation Proof of concept
Veterinary treatments Discovery
dermatology  Dermatology
Inflammation protection Preclinical
UV radiation and burn recovery Discovery
transplant support  Transplant support
Regenerative medicine Preclinical
Whole organ support Discovery
biomanufacturing  Biomanufacturing
Biologics and biosimilars Discovery
Blood and cell product preservation Discovery

Promising AAGP® findings

In a clinical setting, AAGP® is showing its ability to protect cells from inflammation, repair and replace damaged cells and improve cell survivability over time.

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Enhances the curative potential for Type-1 diabetes by protecting islet cell transplants - Explore the research  

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Effectively defends induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to regenerate retinas and restore vision - Explore the research  

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Works as a dual agent to protect and recover skin before and after ultraviolet (UV) radiation - Explore the research  

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Defends tear-producing cells to stop dry eye disease - Explore the research  

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Preserves cell viability during cryostorage and biosimilar production - Explore the research  

Our Patents

ProtoKinetix is proudly patented for the use of AAGP® in a variety of clinical research applications.

Research partners

Since 2005, AAGP® has gone through international laboratory testing conducted by some of the top researchers in the world. See their scientific contributions.

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Become part of the next great medical discovery. ProtoKinetix has harnessed a molecule found in nature with the power to change lives through cell survival.

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