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ProtoKinetix is a research and development company leading the way in cell survival solutions. We partner with some of the world’s top researchers to manufacture and conduct clinical testing on our proprietary AAGP® molecules.

AAGP® is our patented anti-aging glycopeptide. It is modeled after naturally occurring anti-freeze glycoproteins (AFGPs) that protect cells from stress and extreme conditions. Our leading scientists have discovered ways to harness the molecule from nature and reproduce a smaller, more stable and more effective replica. Learn more about AAGP®.

Anti-freeze glycoproteins (AFGPs) are the naturally occurring molecules that help animals survive in arctic temperatures. AFGPs have been useful in many applications over the years, but they are limited by their cost (approximately $10,000/gram), instability and size (2,600 to 24,000 Daltons).

The large size of AFGPs restricts their use in medicine as they are unable to pass through capillaries into interstitial tissue to reach target cells. Molecules must be less than 1,000 Daltons to pass through cell junctions into neighboring cells and less than 600 Daltons to diffuse through the capillaries or cross the blood-brain barrier. AAGP® is just 580.96 Daltons and much less expensive to produce.

Dr. Geraldine Castelot-Deliencourt invented AAGP® to be a smaller, more stable synthetic version of AFGPs. AAGP® was developed and protected by patents in partnership with the Institute for Scientific Application (INSA) of France. Dr. Castelot-Deliencourt was honored for the discovery in 2006 with France’s highest award for scientific accomplishment, the Francinov Award.

With the possibility to be used in multi-billion-dollar applications, there is no doubt AAGP® will take off as the next great medical discovery. But we need your support to continue our research and uncover the full potential. Talk to your broker about an investment in ProtoKinetix or contact us to request more information.

Review our research pipeline and recent press releases to find out where we are and where we’re headed.

AAGP® is a cell protector. When environmental conditions would typically cause cells to die off, AAGP® helps them survive or in some cases to regenerate. The possible impacts are immense. It could be the essential link to more effective and affordable health therapies for chronic conditions such as macular degeneration, Type 1 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and more.

If we find the right opportunity, we would be willing to sell, but we will not sell exclusive rights to the patent unless we’re able to get AAGP® into all four of its most promising markets. We are more likely to license the patent to companies in each segment (ophthalmology, dermatology, transplants and biomanufacturing) so all patients are able to experience the benefits of AAGP®.

The road to profitability takes time in biotech, so we have begun working on faster retail avenues for AAGP®. We are currently in development for prescription and over-the-counter eye drops and skin creams. To accelerate returns to investors, we plan to release them to the general public on a faster roll-out schedule than we experienced in cell and graft transplants. Reach out to our team to discuss our go-to-market strategy in more detail.

No. AAGP® has gone through many arm’s length university laboratory and pre-clinical studies and is being evaluated in a clinical setting. Findings to date have shown AAGP® to be small, stable, affordable to produce and effective in keeping cells alive. The proof is in the research.

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