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Supported by some of the world’s top scientists and backed by more than a decade of international laboratory testing, ProtoKinetix has developed a substantial body of trade secrets relating to the development, use and manufacture of AAGP®, our proprietary anti-aging glycopeptide.

With incredible abilities to protect cells from inflammation, AAGP® has the potential to transform future health therapies for ophthalmology, dermatology, transplants and biomanufacturing. Review our company information below to learn more.

Stock price

ProtoKinetix is a biotech stock to watch


Company values

Committed to providing hope for more patients.

Why? The potential for AAGP® is vast. We are working to get our molecule into as many health therapies as possible to maximize the positive impact.

Accountable to our investors and shareholders.

Why? We are steadfast in our pursuit of prudent and responsible business practices because our progress depends on continued investor support.

Dedicated to human biology-based research.

Why? According to the University of Windsor, 95% of drugs shown to be safe in animal trials fail in human trials. We promote human testing as the new gold standard.

Leadership team

The leaders at ProtoKinetix have a clear vision for the future of the company and for the future of regenerative medicine. Learn more about their backgrounds.

About ProtoKinetix

See how our company is leading the way in cell survival solutions that will revolutionize the future of ophthalmology, dermatology, transplants and biomanufacturing.

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