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If you could help find treatments for blindness, heart disease, stroke and Type 1 diabetes, what would that be worth to you? With AAGP®, we can get closer to affordable, accessible treatments for the conditions that affect our lives. But we need your support to continue exploring the potential. See our greatest areas of opportunity.

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By regenerating retinal cells in humans and animals, AAGP® has the potential to treat millions suffering from dry eyes and blindness.

The impact:

As many as 12 million Americans are living with vision impairment.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Research Pipeline

Retinal cell transplantation
Ocular inflammation
Veterinary treatments


Compared to preventative skincare products that need to be applied before environmental exposure, AAGP® can recover skin cells after the damage is done, as demonstrated in a laboratory setting.

The impact:

More than 85 million people are affected by skin conditions in the U.S. each year.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology

Research Pipeline

Inflammation protection
UV radiation and burn recovery


During today’s transplants, organs can only survive around four hours. With AAGP®, we hope to extend their viability to 24 hours.

The impact:

About 80 people receive transplants each day.

According to Health Resources & Services Administration

Research Pipeline

Regenerative medicine
Whole organ support


In the realm of cell therapy and cancer immunotherapy, AAGP® could be the link to essential advancements.

The impact:

Over 1 million people have been treated by cell therapies worldwide.

According to Transparency Market Research

Research Pipeline

Biologics and biosimilars
Blood and cell product preservation
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Since 2005, AAGP® has gone through international laboratory testing conducted by some of the top researchers in the world. See their scientific contributions.

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