Dose, toxicity and pH tests

AAGP® has an optimal working concentration of 1 to 10 milligrams per milliliter. However, the optimal concentration is dependent on both the cell line and stress assay used. The dose and toxicity tests listed below were performed on human keratinocytes under normal cell conditions. Review the tests and results to better understand AAGP®’s protective properties.

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AAGP®’s Working Concentration Range

Discover the optimal concentration of AAGP® required for increased survival of keratinocytes under normal growth conditions.
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AAGP® Toxicity Data

See the toxicity of AAGP® in keratinocyte cell cultures.
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AAGP®’s Working pH Range

Find out if AAGP®’s bioactivity is pH dependent in human adult fibroblast cells.
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AAGP® and Cell Doubling Time

Investigate the effects of AAGP® on cell doubling time in Hela cells and adult primary fibroblasts.

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Tested cell lines

We have tested various cell lines to better understand the potential for AAGP® to address common challenges faced by researchers in regenerative medicine.

Bioactivity assays

The aim with our bioactivity assays is to investigate the effects of a range of AAGP® concentrations on cell lines under various conditions.
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