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How a lip balm with AAGP® could treat or prevent lip sunburn and inflammation

The sun’s rays don’t damage only skin — they can cause damage and inflammation for lips, too. AAGP® may hold the key to treating sunburned lips thanks to its unique ability to protect cells against inflammation. Join us as we explore the potential of a lip balm or treatment containing AAGP®.

Causes of lip inflammation

One common cause of lip inflammation is UV damage from the sun. It’s easy to forget to protect your skin from sun exposure, and even easier to forget to protect your lips. Without a barrier, the sun’s rays can cause sunburned lips and inflammation, damaging delicate cells.

Sunburned lips are tender, red, inflamed, swollen, and sometimes painful. There may be a blister on the lip with a sunburn.

Unprotected lips are at risk for skin cancer, sores and other chronic problems.

The symptoms of lip inflammation

Many other conditions can cause lip inflammation as well, leading to discomfort, swelling and redness:

  • Trauma to the mouth or face
  • Viral or bacterial infections
  • Allergic reactions, including angioedema, which can be serious
  • Physical, chemical or other types of irritants
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Treating sunburned lips

Treating lip sunburn and inflammation takes time. Lip balms currently on the market may not offer much relief against swelling and discomfort; therefore other treatments called into service include anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen, and cold compresses.

AAGP® as a potential solution

But what if there was an effective lip treatment for sunburn? AAGP® has powerful potential, thanks to its ability to repair cells that have suffered damage from inflammation. As a synthetic molecule, it could be added to balms and ointments to create an effective treatment for inflamed lips, soothing and healing the lip directly.

ProtoKinetix research and clinical trials

Read more about the success so far and the results of our exploration into the achievements possible with AAGP®.

Market potential for lip balm treatments

At ProtoKinetix, our main goal is improving the therapies that change lives for the better. But we know our investors are forward-thinking, interested in how biotechnology will affect the market — and vice versa.

Globally, the lip care market stands at about 2 billion, with a projected CAGR of 5.9%¹ to 2028; the lip balm segment commands the largest share, at 45%. A major driver of this trend is the increasing awareness of and concern about sun exposure, as well as premature aging, dryness and appearance.

¹Grand View Research

Market Revenue:

$2 Billion

2028 Market Forecast:

$3.12 Billion


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