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Marietta, Ohio, July 7, 2020                                                                                                                ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB:PKTX), a clinical-stage biomedical company, provides the following update regarding upcoming news in its Dry Eye Disease Program.   Dry Eye Disease (DED) – ProtoKinetix is expecting closure of agreements for the first steps in a roll-out of a new product […]
Marietta, Ohio, March 24, 2020 ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB: PKTX), a clinical-stage biomedical company, today announced an update to the Press Release of January 24, 2020. We have now completed the sterilization, quality assurance, labeling of the AAGP® (PKX-001) and are ready to ship the final product to the University of […]
Marietta, Ohio, March 19, 2020 ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB:PKTX) recently filed for patent protection for new applications of its AAGP® molecule.  During recent testing conducted by EyeCRO of Oklahoma City, using a well-established animal model for dry eye disease (DED), it was observed that AAGP® may have a substantial effect on […]
Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 19, 2020 ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB: PKTX) announces the progress of screening PKX-001 for cardiometabolic disorders. “Using isolated cardiac cells, we demonstrated that PKX-001 exerts cardioprotective effects in cells that are exposed to stress induced by nutrient overload or cardiotoxic drugs. Specifically, PKX-001 minimized cardiac cell damage and […]
Marietta, Ohio, February 11, 2020                                                                                                      ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB:PKTX) recently filed for patent protection for a new application of its AAGP® molecule.  During recent testing at The University of British Columbia, where photo receptors were transplanted into animal models, it was observed that AAGP® may have had a role […]
Jan 24, 2020
Marietta, Ohio ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB:PKTX) announces that the Company has taken procession of an additional 200 grams of GMP grade PKX-001 (AAGP®) molecule. We are shipping sufficient molecule to Iotron Industries in British Columbia for sterilization.  The sterilization process is a 1-week turnaround. After sterilization there will be one more […]

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