Jan 22, 2021

Why Dr. Asim Raja believes in the potential of AAGP

Imagine the ability to fully recover from Type 1 diabetes and no longer live your life according to insulin. Imagine a future where we can overcome blindness. AAGP, the glycopeptide developed by ProtoKinetix, has the power to transform regenerative medicine, paving the path toward incredible medical results.

“This product, and this company, has the ability to have as a big of an impact … as Tylenol did.” Those are the words of Dr. Asim Raja, a pediatric surgeon and ProtoKinetix investor.

Dr. Raja knows the research ProtoKinetix is conducting is leading toward huge, billion-dollar applications in the fields of ophthalmology, dermatology, and even organ transplants. Doctors and scientists are seeing the cellular regeneration that is possible with AAGP as an exciting development.

The power of regenerative medicine

Much as deep-sea fish are able to withstand sub-freezing temperatures thanks to their biological makeup, the properties of AAGP open the door to similar advances. Combined with cellular regeneration techniques, it could reverse the cell death that causes a number of diseases and conditions.

Reversing this cell death, healing cells, and protecting existing cells has the power to alleviate pain and suffering for millions of people who currently suffer from diseases, such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or skin inflammation. Even something as simple as sunburn could be reduced or eliminated with AAGP.

How ProtoKinetix can help

ProtoKinetix, the R&D company that is exploring the lifesaving potential of AAGP, has been hard at work behind the scenes, meticulously researching the health therapies that could become available. ProtoKinetix is welcoming investors who believe in the market value of taking care of patients — whether through human cell regeneration, organ transplants, or anti-aging molecules.

“This is an opportunity that will not come around again, but you have to inform yourself, be educated about it, and get in for the right reasons,” says Dr. Raja. “The investors this company needs are people that are in it for the long haul.” The kinds of people who want to see real, life-changing impact.

Imagine helping millions of people through the kinds of scientific advancement that gave us penicillin. With a company like ProtoKinetix at the helm, debt-free and employing top talent from across North America, it’s not only possible, it’s the goal.

“You know, I’ve been in this company for 15 years,” says Dr. Raja. “They’re still around, and they’re even better than what they used to be before.” Through dogged leadership and a relentless commitment to improvement, the company has taken every measure to shed inefficiency and focus on results that make a difference.

Not only that, but we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as to what AAGP can do and the market potential of the applications it can support. Treating chronic diseases optimally is within reach thanks to AAGP’s regenerative properties, and ProtoKinetix’s experienced leadership is eager to put the glycopeptide into the hands of firms that can bring real, tangible medical solutions to market.

All thanks to a network of people who believe in the science and are willing to see it through. “I’m still here,” says Dr. Raja.

You can be, too.

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