May 04, 2021
May 04, 2021


ProtoKinetix, AAGP®, and the Journey to Market

Exciting things are happening at ProtoKinetix. Our clinical research is driving forward, we’re forming dynamic new partnerships, and we are poised to witness some incredible developments using our patented anti-aging glycopeptide, AAGP®.

Learn more about what’s happening at ProtoKinetix, including AAGP® and our journey to market.

Why we’re excited

One of our goals in developing AAGP® is to bring its life-changing effects to a global market via new therapies, treatments, and products.

To that end, we’ve partnered with an international specialty drug manufacturer to produce a topical solution for dry eye disease. With this critical milestone, we’re now positioned to formulate a drug that will be used in clinical research studies for the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Preliminary studies on efficacy, shelf-life, and tolerability are already completed, clearing the runway for clinical testing and market development. Our latest partnership is driving us forward toward a marketable solution for the problem of dry eye disease — welcome news for anyone who suffers from this condition.

Elsewhere, the remarkable potential of AAGP® is drawing more attention — most recently for its ability to help restore vision in blind test subjects, as shown in a peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. For sufferers of macular degeneration and similar degenerative eye conditions, the news is affirming indeed: such pre-clinical success shows ProtoKinetix can pave a path toward cell therapy products that will protect transplanted cells capable of restoring sight to the blind and visually impaired.

The cell survival that is enabled is the result of five years of intensive research; ProtoKinetix CEO and President Clarence Smith described the next steps as a focus towards development for market entry — which is in itself an exciting development, seeing as the market for ophthalmological therapeutics is expected to rise steadily over the next decade with an aging population.

Finally, we are resuming 1b clinical trials, after a brief pandemic holdup, for islet cell transplant support using AAGP®. These studies will measure the effects on human subjects receiving islet cells treated with AAGP® as well as the efficacy of cells treated with the AAGP as an improvement to the Edmonton Protocol (a treatment protocol for Type 1 diabetes).

In an important development to the field, the FDA approved islet cell transplant for type 1 diabetes, which means the path forward for ProtoKinetix to improve this procedure is being made clear. Since the advantage is anticipated to be related to a reduction in adverse events from anti-rejection medication and better engraftment efficacy based on pre-clinical experience.

If successful, we’ll witness “substantially improved” outcomes in patients receiving islet cell transplants and other cell therapies.

How we got this far

These milestones are more than the result of painstaking research — they’re milestones on the path of a forward-looking company with smart stewardship. At ProtoKinetix, we’re focused on the intelligent application of investor dollars, leveraging contributions into scientific research that advances our knowledge of anti-aging cells and their potential while moving forward with practical applications of that knowledge toward marketable therapeutics and solutions. A host of conditions, diseases, and illnesses could benefit from the cell survivability enabled by AAGP® — and we are on a mission to provide hope and support to those suffering.

What’s next

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